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Wood Burning Stove Reviews

"We finished fitting the new fully fireproof roof on my (boilerhouse) / conservatory yesterday, then we fitted the 5” twin Wall Flue & we fired-up the Prity Boiler for the first time..... what a wonderful piece of kit this is...! If you require any pictures or info for you website testimonials, let me know.....I am absolutely delighted with this unit and I know with minimal tweaking over the next couple of months it has many untold possibilities...this setup is scheduled to save me in excess of UK£ 2,000 / year on my heating costs when I eventually have the rest of the system commissioned later this autumn."

Nigel Hufton | 8 Aug 2012

"We bought a Happy stove from Ace Stoves and are really pleased with our purchase. We love the fact that we can also put a pot of stew on top of the stove whilst watching the flames and enjoying the heat that is produced from this lovely little stove."

Mr Simpson | 6 Dec 2012

"We are happy to recommend the Olympia stove which not only heats the rooms well but also provides an oven that cooks roasts, bread and cakes beautifully! The top hob will also warm food. Economical on wood. All in all very pleased."

Liz and Ken (Mid Wales) | 14 Dec 2012


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