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By choosing a wood burning stove, you’re doing your bit to save the planet.

Traditional, atmospheric and authentic, there is nothing quite like a real fire to provide enduring warmth for your home. As well as keeping you warm and providing an attractive feature for any room, wood burning stoves are also beneficial for the environment.

For example, did you know that…

  • Wood burning fuel is more energy efficient than fossil fuel; reducing carbon emissions by more than 90%?

  • Wood fuel has the lowest carbon impact of all renewable energy technologies?

  • All tree-felling in the UK is strictly regulated by a controlled forestry programme, and is designed to add to our region’s wildlife biodiversity and landscape?


All of these factors mean that a wood burning stove is becoming an increasingly popular heat source in the place of more expensive alternatives including electric, oil and gas.

Four benefits of a wood burning stove or boiler as opposed to gas, electric or oil appliances

  1. A wood burning stove has no grate or ash pan; the wood is usually burnt in the bed of ash from the night before, making it a more economical heat source.

  2. Our stoves eliminate condensation and continual air changes caused by common heating appliances, making them more beneficial to health and well-being.

  3. Wood is a renewable fuel source, which is also carbon neutral.

  4. Wood burning stoves require little maintenance and upkeep, so are therefore less demanding on your pocket!

To order your wood burning stove today, simply visit our wood burning stove showroom in Manchester at 52 Higher Rd, Urmston, M41 9AP.

Alternatively, give a member of our friendly team a call now on 0161 747 1967 to discuss your order.


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